What is Reverse Logistics?

Reusing products and materials is not a new phenomenon, waste paper recycling, deposit systems for soft drink bottles and even scrap collectors wandering around our neighborhood in our childhood are long-standing examples.
Reverse logistics; It can be thought of as the effective and cost-effective planning, implementation and control of the flow of raw materials, in-process stocks, final products and related information from the point of consumption to the point of production in order to ensure that the product value is preserved or disposed of appropriately.

A product subject to reverse logistics may enter this reverse shipping/reverse distribution network for many different reasons.

In these turns:

Potential reasons for product return include raw material or overproduction of the product.

Failure to quality control

Delivery is incorrect or damaged

Product expiration

stock adjustment

Returns under warranty

Returns for repair purposes

Returns for product re-evaluation

Returns based on legal regulations regarding harmful substances

Returns of packaging, containers, pallets, etc.

The product may be recalled due to fault or health reasons.

It is also possible to group these reasons according to where and at what stage the product return occurs within the supply chain. Returns occurring at any stage of production can be called “production returns”, returns occurring at the stage of the final product reaching the end user can be called “distributor returns”, and returns occurring from consumers using the final product can be called “customer returns”.

The main benefits of reverse logistics are economic, ecological and legal benefits. Laws may require the product to be recalled and repurposed or disposed of appropriately. Reverse logistics may be applied due to environmentally friendly production and consumption. Reverse logistics can be applied as re-evaluation of the product will provide economic benefit in terms of resource and material usage.

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